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Why change credit cards?

Today, you can have several bank cards without leaving from your current bank. This allows you to avoid bank bank fees while benefiting from discounts, insurances and useful services on a daily basis such as :

  • real time budget tracking
  • payments between friends and joint accounts
  • access to the Airport Lounge
  • whether or not you authorise payments depending on the country where the transaction takes place
  • the purchase and sale of shares, raw materials and crypto currency
  • a payment ceiling of up to €50.000/month

1 payment cards. Zero hidden fee.

Pay without limit or fees here and abroad. Choose from 1 online and mobile banks.



What is an online bank?

An online bank is a bank that allows its customers to manage their savings and all day-to-day operations on the Internet. An online bank does not have an agency but may be backed by a network bank which does.

What is a neobank?

A neobank is a financial and technological company that offers the essential services of a bank (payment, transfer and insurance) from a mobile application. A neobank is more international than an online bank and is free of charge.

Why open a new account?

Choosing a new card on Spendways is free of charge and allows you to avoid paying bank charges on your current transactions in France and abroad. You will also benefit from a mobile application rich in useful features.

How does it work ?

Spendways allows you to compare all Online Banks and Neobanks.

We find the best offers

All current 1 banking offers are listed on Spendways and updated in real time.


You compare them

You filter and compare the offers to find the one that suits you. Refine your choice with 0 customer reviews.


You enjoy

You subscribe to the best offer directly from Spendways to take advantage of it.

Online bank and mobile bank: reviews 2020

Bank mobility allows customers of traditional banks (network banks) to keep their main account and to choose an additional payment method without canceling their traditional bank card. This means of payment (payment card) is open in an online bank or a neobank. It comes with a bank account in France or in another country, a mobile application to manage expenses and daily budget, as well as insurance to cover the use of the card or purchases and activities. of the beneficiary.

Among online banks (or remote banks), there are ING, Boursorama bank, Fortuneo, Orange Bank, BforBank and Hello Bank. The neobanks are mainly represented by N26, Revolut, Max, Monese and Chime. Unlike online banks, neobanks have mobile apps that offer a better user experience, no fees on overseas expenses, a guaranteed interbank exchange rate, and no account maintenance fees. However, they do not allow checks to be issued or cashed, nor do they allow savings on banking products such as Livret A, LDD, etc.

Traditional banks (BNP, Crédit Mutuel, Crédit Agricole, etc.), allow free withdrawals from their ATMs, offer a checkbook and allow you to meet a financial advisor (banker) to make better investments or make a mortgage or to the consumption.

Neobanks come from Fintech startups around the world. This is why customers find that they have a German or British IBAN while they are more used to a French IBAN.

Spendways not only allows you to sort and select professional and personal bank accounts and cards, but also to question the customers of these online banks and neobanks to choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and future projects. Discover without further delay your best bank by making a selection and a personalized comparison.