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Bank Card Comparison

There’s probably a better, cheaper and more service-oriented bank card for you than the one you have in your wallet. Spendways helps you find it with comparisons for each type of payment card:

  • The free bank card: the free card is provided without any paid subscription or fees.
  • The metal bank card: this is a high-end payment card offering high limits, insurance and premium services.
  • The crypto card: it allows you to spend cryptocurrencies like any other currency.
  • The card for minors: the card for minors allows children aged 10 and above to spend their pocket money with parental control.
  • The card for travelers: traveler cards allow you to pay in any currency at the best exchange rate and without commissions.
  • The card aggregator: this application coupled with a physical card allows you to combine all your blue cards into one.
  • The credit card: this is a bank card backed by a credit reserve that can be activated on demand and reimbursed over the period of your choice.
  • The Black card: this type of bank card refers to the very high-end black cards.
  • The Gold card is the mid-range card that allows you to take advantage of premium insurance for free.

Companies and professionals also need modern payment methods for their managers and their teams. Spendways can also help you find the best business card for your needs:

  • The corporate card: also called company card, this means of payment is distributed to employees who need to make professional expenses
  • The fuel card: this is a card issued by an oil company, a supermarket or a professional solutions provider to cover the costs of using company vehicles.

Bank account comparison

Spendways helps you compare bank offers to find the best bank account for you and your family. Whatever your situation, there is an account for you:

  • The bank account for minors: accounts for children from 10 years old allow you to receive pocket money and to spend it with the control of your parents.
  • The joint account: this is an account shared between two members of a couple to pool household income and expenses.

Entrepreneurs can have a business bank account to manage cash flow, collect payments from clients and make expenses. The best pro accounts generally provide more accounting and administrative services:

  • A self-employed bank account provides an account dedicated to one’s business to separate personal and business expenses.
  • The business bank account allows you to make a capital deposit and benefit from professional services such as business expense management and access to business financing.

Bank comparison

Spendways not only allows you to sort and select business and personal bank accounts and cards, but also to ask questions to the customers of these online banks and neobanks to choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and future projects. Discover without further delay the best bank and make a comparison:

  • Traditional banks (BNP, Crédit Mutuel, Crédit Agricole, etc.), also known as network banks, allow free withdrawals from their ATMs, offer a checkbook and allow you to meet with a financial advisor (banker) to make better investments or carry out a real estate or consumer loan.
  • Online banks such as Boursorama Banque, Fortuneo and Hellobank! allow you to do all your daily operations on the Internet and from a mobile application. The absence of a bank branch results in lower fees. Most online banks are free.
  • Neobanks like Revolut, N26 and Wise are electronic payment solution providers that allow you to open an account for free and enjoy a mobile banking experience.
    Ethical banks like Helios, bunq and NEF are banking institutions that direct their capital to investments with positive environmental and social impact.

Quick credit comparison

Consumer credit has been greatly simplified with Cetelem and Cofidis, and even more so with the arrival of new players like Younited. It is now possible to obtain a fast credit in 24 hours without any proof of payment with a simple online comparison.